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(58) Caroline
Fr, 18 April 2014 16:45
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Evans, exactly who can be named Lieutenant Evans in this particular guide to help
recognize your pet through Seaman Evans, has been responsible for the actual deliver, and performed
very much to concrete jointly your tough product in a nucleus which has been
capable of position with no friction your ranges associated with nearly about three
a long time involving swarmed, out of the way and also difficult existence, ably seconded by simply Victor
Campbell, very first official, frequently known as This Mate, inside as their palms the particular
routine as well as self-control in the ship had been many correctly preserved.
I had been
really scared associated with Campbell.

(57) Elizabet
Fr, 18 April 2014 11:15
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Scott him or her self was can not take a trip entirely out there to help Brand-new Zealand within the
Terra Nova as a result of the company extramarital affairs on the expedition, but he
joined the actual dispatch by Simon's Bay to be able to Melbourne.

(56) Erick
Do, 17 April 2014 13:22
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In the very first every little thing ended up being everyday and most nice, and the exactly who
got the great bundle of money that can help inside working the actual dispatch out and about in order to Brand new Zealand,
underneath water or maybe sail, ought to, regardless of several a few months of significant
distress and also working hard, search back again after your expedition as one of the
extremely most happy situations in the dispatch. To us perhaps the journey
out there, this a few several weeks inside group its polar environment intending To the south, along with the Brown Crusoe
living in Hut Position include the pleasantest of the many delighted reminiscences.

(55) Christena
Do, 17 April 2014 13:17
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Come july 1st 5 experienced an upsetting shock up for grabs.
From 10. 25 Any. Mirielle. this ship's bell
phoned and there is a rapid be sad regarding "Fire quarters. inches 2 Minimax fire
extinguishers finished the flame, which was from the lazarette, as well as ended up being
the effect of a lit up lamp fixture which was distressed from the spin on the send. The particular
consequence was a good deal of fumes, a great amount of drinking water underneath, in addition to
a few singed paper, although most of us realized that a flames upon this aged timber dispatch
has to be extremely significant subject, as well as larger care ended up being used next.

(54) Tim
So, 2 März 2014 18:00
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Hallo Leute,

Tolle Homepage! Besucht uns doch mal auf ! Das neue Rap Portal im Web!

(53) N!s Crew
Fr, 14 Dezember 2012 00:58
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Ablaufplan für die Weihnachtsfeier 2012

1. Klavier erste Einlage
2. SM 8 = Kelly Rowland "Work Starmoves Version" - Lloyd Banks feat. Lloyd "any Girl"
3. HH 8 = Sean Paul "got 2 luv you" - Beyonce "run the World" - Usher "Hot Tottie"
4. HH3 Überraschungs Show
5. FKD = Just Bieber „Baby Chipmunks“
6. Alle = M.J. “Stop the love you save” N!s Choreo New
7. HH+SM 3+8+9 = Carey “Obsessed” – Shawn Desman “Sexy”
8. HH3 = Jessie J. ft BOB “Price Tag“
9. HH1+2 = Justin Bieber “Somebody to love” – LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”
10. Gesang
11. Alle = Timbaland "hands in the Air"
12. FKM = König der Löwen "Ich will jetzt gleich König sein"
13. Jazz Teenz = lana del Rey "National Anthem" - Mkai Mena "Hold me" - Musical Chicago "All that Jazz"
14. Show M.J./M.J./Bruno Mars "Marry you"

20 Minuten Pause

15. Alle = Beyonce "Move your Body"
16. HH1= Psy „Gangnam Style“ Materia „neue Nikes“
17. Dancehall Workshop = Seeed "Music Monks"
18. FKD = Pumuckl
19. FKM = M.J. "They don´t care about us"
20. HH+SM 8 = Frank Ocean “PDA” – Jessie J. „Do it like a Dude“ (SM)
21. HH8 = Beyonce “Single Ladies” - Missy Elliot "touch it"
22. Klavier zweite Einlage
23. HH3 = Kevin „Spiegel-Choreo“ - Timbaland feat Veronica „Give it a go“ - Jesse McCartney "Runnin"
24. SM 3+8 = Michael J. “Whatever happens” - Jessy J. "Do it lika a dude"
25. Main Crew Mix WF 2012
26. Alle = Ai Se Eu Te “Nossa”
27. Geschenk Überreichung an alle Schüler
28. TOM PALME SHOW, anschließender Autogrammstunde:)

(52) Stengler Olga
Do, 8 November 2012 21:06

Name: Stengler Liliane

Gruppe: Mittwoch 15.45

Samstag, 10.11.2012 bin beim Auftritt dabei ja……..….

Sonntag, 11.11.2012 bin beim Auftritt dabei nein…….…

Für Lliane bestelle gleich ein T-Shirt in Kelly Green Gr. 152


(51) florian werner
Di, 28 August 2012 20:46

hallo nicol,
ich will bei euch anfangen ich will was wo breakdance und hip hop drin ist ich würde mich freuen wenn das geht und,ich bin 12 werde am 26.05 13 :);)

(50) Jacqueline
Mi, 20 Juni 2012 10:00

Hallo Nicole :)))
Soraya und Vanessa werden an allen Auftritten auf dem Köschinger Bürgerfest dabei sein....musste ich versprechen und sie freuen sich auch schon riesig darauf:))) LG Jacqueline-Soraya-Vanessa

(49) N!s Team
Sa, 7 Januar 2012 08:22


Gesucht "2 Tänzer/innen" für das Konzert "das Bo" am Freitag, 27.01.2012 in der Eventhalle am Westpark.

- Mind. 16 Jahre
- vom 16.-27.01.2012 Verfügbarkeit für das Showtraining
- Tanzerfahrung von Vorteil
- Spaß am lernen von neuen Styles/Choreos
- Teamfähigkeit

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012
Beginn: 13 Uhr
Wo: Lifepark Donau City Center, Ingolstadt
Anmeldung: (mit Name, Alter)

Du erhältst als Antwort von uns, eine Einladung zum Casting. Mit einem Anmeldeformular, dieses bitte ausdrucken und zum angegebenen Termin mit bringen.

Beim Casting Termin, hast du 90 Sekunden Zeit, um uns von deinem können zu überzeugen.
Ob einstudierte Choreographie oder Freestyle liegt ganz bei dir.
Bring bitte deine eigene Musik mit.

- Präsents
- Style
- Musikgefühl

Du erhältst am Montag, 16.01.2012 nach Auswertung aller Teilnehmer per Mail Bescheid ob DU dabei bist.

Viel Spaß beim Anmelden und dabei sein;))

Dein N!s Team.


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